Making the BREW

Brewing coffee is an individual preference, but the main concept is to soak the coffee grounds in water to your desired taste. Nubian Gold Brands believes that a great cup entails (1) how hot the water temperature, (2) how that water is applied and (3) how the spent grounds are removed. 

Water Temperature

No matter what brewing method you choose, we believe that boiling water damages the coffee flavor by vaporizing then coffee essence while extracting the other bitter-tasting chemicals. Ideally for a great cup, we recommend hot water around 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water Application

While primarily a question of convenience, one way would be to heat the water and pour it over the coffee yourself. But if you were multi-tasking you may want the coffee to self-brew thus have the water  deliver itself to the coffee automatically and consistently. Hence the percolator method where the hot water is forced up a tube then sprayed over the top of the coffee grounds  only to seep back into a reservoir and remix with the hot water in the bottom of the pot. This process repeats until the coffee has been fully brewed. Then there is the automatic filter drip method where the water is sent through the coffee only once. Another method involves the vacum principle where two tight fitting glass globes one above the other with a filter of cloth or metal between them. The coffee would be placed in the upper globe and the water in the lower. The water is heated to a boil then lowered. Pressure from the heated water vapors expand into the upper globe mixing with the coffee. After several minutes the pot is removed from the heat forming a vacuum in the lower pot, which pulls the brewed coffee back down through the filter.

 Separating the Coffee from the Grounds

This too is also a matter of personal preference. Some cultures simply allow the grounds to settle to the bottom of the pot or cup and drink what remains with the brew, others strain the beverage as it is being  poured into the cup. Then came the ubiquitous drip method where the hot water was poured over the top of the grounds and allowed to drip through a strainer or filter leaving the grounds behind. Let us not forget the plunger method. After the coffee is steeped, a metal filter or strainer is forced down through the coffee like a plunger pressing the grounds to the bottom of the pot. This method is often refereed as the french press. 

No matter your brewing preference, be sure to compliment your choice with NUBIAN GOLD BRAND quality coffee.

Thank you,

Team Nubian Gold Brand Coffees.