Coffees A to Zimbabwe


Where From

Angola       Robusto and Arabica beans considered to be flat in flavor

Brazil         Brazil is the world's largest producer of coffee beans. The Arabica beans from                  here are great for blending. One worth mentioning is the Brazilian

                 Bourbon Santos.

Burundi      Acidy Arabica beans full bodied and high quality.

Cameroon  Accounts for approximately one half of the West African nations crops. Known

                 to be a very good quality Arabica bean.

Celebes      This Indonesian island produces Kalossi beans acidic and thick.

China         The Yunnan Province grows coffee that is full, a tad bit acidic with just a hint

                  of sweetness.

Colombia    You guessed it, one of the worlds favorites. Columbia's arabica coffees are                   produced in vast quanities. Full bodied with a well balanced flavor. Columbian                   coffees are generally not as acidic as many other coffees, and has sweet                   overtones.

Costa Rica   Generally speaking, the best Costa Rican coffees are grown in the Tres Rios                    region. Costa Rican coffees are full bodied with excellent acidity, and have a                    hint of smokiness.

Cuba           Produces beans without much character or distinct flavor, usually used for                    blending.

Dominican    A fragrant and acidy coffee. Full bodied beans coming from Barahona area,                    and beans from the Santo Domingo area are nice and sweet.

El Salvador   The beans lack fragrance, but have a light sweet flavor and mild acidity.

Ethiopia        Coffee beans from the region known as Djimmah, have an unrefined and zesty                     flavor with a strong aftertaste. Harrar, which may be known as Ethiopian                     Moka, makes coffee that is commonly used as the primary coffee in blends.

Guatemala    Guatemala’s high altitude and rich volcanic soil are ideal for producing quality                     coffee. Guatemalan coffees generally have a relatively high degree of acidity                     and often taste of chocolate. Guatemala is often found as a blend in a great                     number of coffees available in the United States. Coffees grown in the high                     mountains have a light smoked flavor such as Amatitlan and Antigua beans.

Haiti             These beans are full of rich flavor and are lightly sweet.

Hawaii          Hawaii, best known for Kona coffee which is grown on the slopes of the Mauna                     Loa volcano, is the home to several growing regions and bean types including                     Kauai, Maui Kaanapali Moloa’I, and Oahu. Kauai is the largest growing                     region in Hawaii and is where the first coffee plantation in the state was                     started in 1863.

Honduras      Light flavored coffee with some acidity.

India            The Mysore region makes a dark coffee that is lightly acidic. One of the fuller                     coffees is the Indian Malabar.

Indonesia      The Indonesian area known as Java has been producing coffee for 300 years                     since the Dutch East India Company brought seeds from Ceylon or the Indian                     coast.

Jamaica        The most well known coffee from Jamaica would have to be the Blue Mountain                     coffee, loved for the great aroma and flavor.Java The best Java coffee is                     grown on the far eastern end of the island on five estates established

                    by the Dutch government. Blue Java coffees, processed by the so called                     washed method have a deep blue green color. Blue Java coffee has hints of                     smoky bittersweet chocolate.

Kenya           Kenya produces a top quality medium bodied coffee that is very popular in                     Europe. Kenyan coffees are generally very mellow and often have a citrus                     taste. Another delicious coffee from Kenya comes from the Chagga tribe, they                     grow it on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Mexico          The really great coffee of Mexico has great flavor and delicious aromas.

New Guinea   New Guinea coffee comes from Papua New Guinea, where cultivation started                      in 1937 with seeds imported from Jamaica’s Blue Mountain region. It’s grown                      in the valleys of the western highlands in the area around Mt Hagen. The                      rich soil and good climate combine to produce a mild and mellow coffee,                      which many consider one of the world’s best. New Guinea coffee is

                     often used in blends.

Panama         A very distinct body and light flavor is what you find in a small amount of                      coffee produced in Panama.

Peru              Peru’s top coffees have just a hint of acidity and desirable flavor.

Rwanda         A coffee with dark color, excellent flavor, and spicy aroma.

Sulawesi         Sulawesi coffees are grown and processed in the Torajaland area near the                      town of Rantepao. Sulawesi coffees have a full body and moderate acidity,                      with a hint of a nutty flavor. These coffees are rare and, therefore expensive;                      however, they are one of the finest coffees in the world. Sulawesi coffees                      generally are produced by small landholders. Mosy Sulawesi coffees are                      produced using the dry process.

Sumatra         Another Indonesian gift of nature, Sumatran coffees are processed by the dry                      method, as opposed to the Java coffees that are produced by the washed                      method. Ripe Sumatra beans are dried in the sun rather than being soaked in                      water. Sumatra coffees are full bodied with a sweet and somewhat earthy                      flavor.

Tanzania        Tanzania beans are a complicated mix of body and acidity with balanced                      flavors. The most notable being those from Kilimanjaro and Plantation                      Bukoba.

Timor             Categorized with the best of Sumatra and Java, Timor has coffee with                      delicious aroma and rich body.

Uganda          Uganda has many coffee types, the most worth mentioning is the arabica                       coffee Bugisu.

Venezuela       Cucutas and Tachiras are both regions that produces beans that are full, and                       a bit acidy.

Yemen             Arabian Mocha coffees, grown in Yemen, have a pungent, full bodied flavor                        and complex aroma. This coffee tastes good straight or blended. Usually                        blended with Java coffees. Generally grown organically in remote areas                       which may account for its wonderful taste. Hints of chocolate

Zaire              This country has two distinct arabica beans from the Kivu and Ituri districts.

Zimbabwe       From Zimbabwe you will taste a full coffee, that is not as sharp as those                       from Kenya.